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Worthless Checks

What is a worthless check?

A worthless check is not limited to old fashioned paper anymore; a worthless check can be an electronic check, a paper check, a debit purchase, or several other forms of monetary promise. Any person who knowingly writes a check, or makes a debit purchase without the funds available to cover the amount is committing a crime. Writing a check or making a debit purchase is considered a promissory note to pay, in the event that you do not have sufficient funds to cover the amount you could face criminal charges. Writing a worthless check is not done solely by bad people or people who have no fear or respect for the law.

在许多情况下,最遵纪守法的公民可能会发现自己处于最小的判断失误中,而开出一张毫无价值的支票. 任何人都可能有判断力差的例子,甚至发现自己陷入了不是自己错的财务错误. 在任何情况下,你都可以通过聘请佛罗里达州的刑事辩护律师代表你来保护自己免受任何进一步的损害. The type of criminal charge you face is based on the amount that has been promised for payment. 对于过期支票以及债务人事先通知债权人资金不足的情况,法律有例外.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer for more detailed information about legal exceptions. 支票(或借记)超过150美元被认为是轻罪,你可能被指控犯有轻罪,欠债的一方有权对你提起民事诉讼. Promissory notes that exceed 150 dollars are felonies and are punishable by fines and time in prison. 如果你被指控开出毫无价值的支票,或者知道你有并且需要知道你的立场,请立即咨询佛罗里达州的刑事辩护律师. 刑事辩护律师将能够评估你的情况,并提供有价值的法律建议,这些建议可以决定你是支付罚款还是在监狱服刑.

Don't make the mistake of waiting for someone to contact you if you have written a worthless check. Take the initiative of clearing up the matter and getting yourself back on the right path. 如果你发现自己处于刑事诉讼的迷雾中,在事情失控之前聘请一名刑事辩护律师为你辩护.

Penalties of worthless checks

It may seem harmless to write a check for more than you can afford and get away with it. You may not see any harm right away, 问题是,犯罪可能会慢慢地影响到你,当他们这样做的时候,你可能会面临严重的后果. The state of Florida does not take the act of writing worthless checks lightly. Writing worthless checks can have severe consequences. 在某些情况下,根据情况和支票金额,你可能会面临最低罚款和不服刑.

Unfortunately that is certainly not a guarantee and certainly does not happen as a majority rule, in many cases you can face more severe punishments that include steep fines and time in prison. 面值超过150美元的无价值支票被视为轻罪,最高可处以1000美元罚款和12个月监禁. Felony checks are reserved for amounts that total over 150 dollars and have much harsher punishments. These punishments include fines up to 5000 dollars and 5 years in a state prison facility. 一旦债权人以书面形式要求你支付所欠的款项,债权人有权在民事诉讼中对你采取法律行动. 这些惩罚是由法院系统决定的,在许多情况下,有一个刑事辩护律师代表你,代表你谈判可以节省你的时间和金钱. 根据具体情况,你的律师可能会让你不必在监狱甚至监狱里服刑.

You should always hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in a case regarding worthless checks, 因为你的律师在刑法程序方面知识渊博,经验丰富,能为你提供更有效的辩护. You shouldn't gamble with your future by being misrepresented in court or misunderstanding your rights. 不得不支付巨额罚款或被贴上犯罪记录的标签可能会困扰你多年,如果不是你的余生. 如果你对佛罗里达州的法律有疑问,关于开出毫无价值的支票的处罚,你可以自己做研究,但最后,最好咨询刑事辩护律师,以确保你收到的准确信息将适用于你的特定情况.

Ways to fight a worthless check charges

When you find yourself faced with criminal charges for worthless checks there are steps you can take to fight it. Hiring a Florida criminal defense attorney can help you determine the most effective method of fighting your case but here are a few acceptable defenses listed under Florida Law; a very common claim is that there was no intent to be dishonest. 如果你有一个合理的信念,你有足够的资金在购买时,你可以声称你没有不诚实的意图. Mistakes are common and many people improperly balance their checkbooks causing a check to be returned or unpaid.

“支票”一词不仅限于纸质支票,因此这一抗辩也可用于不足的借记费用和电子支票. This is a reasonable defense and many people find themselves in this situation. 另一个可以辩护的理由是,接受支票的一方事先知道支票是毫无价值的,或者在购买时支票的账户上没有足够的资金. This prevents the creditor from claiming they were wronged or harmed by to no fault of their own. 如果一个人在购买后在支票上设置了停止付款,债权人不能声称你打算通过一张毫无价值的支票.

在许多情况下,消费者因为恶意或无意的财务错误而停止支付支票是合理的. 债权人被允许收回购买金额,但消费者可以自由地在法庭上使用这一论点,作为对毫无价值的支票收费的辩护. 根据佛罗里达州的法律允许有更多的争论,最好咨询你的刑事辩护律师关于你的具体情况. You should never represent yourself against criminal charges as you could be doing yourself a serious disservice. 雇佣一个刑事辩护律师会为你提供一个受过良好教育和经验丰富的律师,他会为你而战,并把你的最大利益放在心上. 州检察官是经验丰富的专业人士,熟悉当前佛罗里达州的法规,并准备对你提出起诉案件. Criminal law is complex even when you are experienced in the practice of it. 不要错误地低估了他们,发现自己受到了巨额罚款甚至监禁.

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